Shipyard Salona yachts: AD Boats

AD Boats manufactures Salona performance cruisers, and through the years has won
Boat of the Year Awards in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.S. and 17 nominations. The Salona 37 won the 2007 Boat of the Year award in Europe, and the Salona 44 won the
2015 Boat of the Year in the U.S.

The Yard

Passion and devotion for building performance cruiser yacht that matches sailing performance of the best performance yachts on the market, as well as provide comfortable cruising abilities was a goal back in 2002, when all started. The yard found a winning formula, a perfect combination of performance, comfort and safety, crucial for relaxed and joyful living on board.

Philosophy of boatbuilding

Over time, experience and understanding of customers’ requirements has grown, leading the yards workforce to improved production technology and continued development in both the look and functionality of our boats. The yard has have aimed for the top in quality, design and winning performance. Each Salona Yacht is built with individual attention to its new owner to become a personal statement.

Over the years Salona’s have won many regattas around the world proving that Salona can win the toughest regattas and at the same time remain the comfort that is required for family cruising. The ability to sail fast comes hand in hand with perfect maneuverability and to stand against demanding weather conditions. All models are easy to sail with small crew necessary to fully control the yacht, even in the toughest situations. The reason of such performance in this field lies in the strong and uncompromised construction of Salona yachts.

High tech boat building

From the very beginning, the Salona Shipyard was dedicated to getting every detail right, aiming for perfection. All Salona’s are built in accordance with Ocean A Category and are certified by DNV – GL (DIRECTIVE 94/25/EC).

Strong and light construction is a consequence of the advanced building techniques, such as vacuum infusion of the hulls and decks, used for many years. Modern building materials varying from multi – axial glass to carbon fibers combined with advance resins make Salona yachts an example of uncompromised construction quality.

In addition, all models have been reinforced with stainless steel frame structure (the grid forms the structural spine of the boat) which supports the keel, mast and shrouds, resulting in an extremely strong but light construction.