Sell your Yacht

If you are ready to sell your yacht, Bach Yachting is your best option.
For over 20 years we are the expert yachtbroker in selling high quality cruisers and performance yachts and racers.

Appointing us as your exclusive yachtbroker allows us to successfully co-ordinate the promotion and sale of your yacht.

Selling a yacht can be a complex process that requires knowledge and involvement. Bach Yachting has all that is needed to achieve successful results.

Our dedicated team finds your boat a new owner, by:

  • Producing detailed specs with information and pictures of the yacht that will be presented on our websites and on over 25 international yacht-sales websites, reaching thousands of relevant customers.
  • Besides that we amplify the advertisement of your yacht with search engine optimization through the most viewed online sources of information for people interested in buying yachts.
  • Further you can find us at national and international boatshows
  • Your yacht will be presented in our social media campaigns and at our offices throughout the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Turkey and Spain.
  • We will actively inform our clients about the new listing and connect the yacht to interested buyers known to us
  • Giving you an update on all activity

We will manage the processes to ensure a smooth and secure transaction by:

  • Holding all of the title documents and other important paperwork
  • Preparing the sale and purchase agreement and bill of sale
  • Drawing up title transfers
  • Overseeing the completion and handover process
  • Putting any transferable funds into our Escrow Account for a safe financial transaction

As your broker we will:

  • market your yacht on and offline
  • set meetings with potential clients and show the boat
  • inform you on the markets developments
  • negotiate with clients
  • organize all paperwork
  • take care of reliable financial settlements

You can sit back and relax.

We will update you on a regular basis on the status of the sale of your yacht.
Once a selling price is agreed, there is still a lot to do. Contracts, inspections, financial issues and legal issues must be made arranged.

You can rely on it that Bach Yachting will arrange the paper work & financial settlements with great care.


Bill of sale

We can produce a bill of sale upon sale for the transfer of ownership of your boat. It is an important legal step in the sale. This document shows that the financial transaction has taken place between buyer and the seller and acts as proof of ownership.
A formal bill of sale must be put together as it basically functions as the sales receipt for the boat. The bill will be legal proof of ownership and is required if the new owner wishes to obtain a title or insure the vessel.
Why 64/64 shares in Bill of Sale
There are a number of theories as to the historical reasons for this. We believe that one influencing factor is that many years ago wooden sea going boats often had a hull made up of 64 ribs. Another theory from the Victorian era suggests that boats had 100 shares but 36 of these would be taken in the form of a tax, leaving the owner(s) with 64 shares. Similarly some say many years ago the British Government of the day used to hold 36 of 100 shares enabling them to requisition the boat in times of war leaving the owner(s) with 64 shares. Putting all of that aside the most likely origin is medieval Italy. In Italy it was common for many goods to be divided into either 24 or 64 shares. Shares in boats were very common and was used to raise funds for the construction of boats and voyages by selling each share – a bit like today’s money markets. This practice began (as you might expect) in Venice before spreading throughout Italy and later across Europe.