Valuation of your yacht

  • You like to sell your boat and don’t know how much to sell it for?
  • Are you getting ready to buy a boat, but want to make sure you do not overpay?

If you consider to sell or change your boat. The thing you want to know is the value of your current yacht. But there are more reasons for having an occasional valuation carried out. One reason could be insurance purposes. It will save you lots of money having the right valuation for the insurance company.

A valuation by Bach Yachting gives you certainty about the value. After the valuation you will receive a detailed and objective report that gives a realistic estimate of the value and the price it would possess. Bach Yachting brokers are certified and sworn valuars.

Yacht Valuation

With over 500+ yachts and counting. We welcome the opportunity to help you sell your yacht and we’re always available to advise you.

If you would like to have a valuation from us for your yacht with regards to the current market then please fill out the Contact form or call you nearby Bach Yachting Agency and we will get back to you with our interpretation based on a number of factors in the present market.
Marine valuations are required for a number of purposes the most common being when finance or insurance is being arranged, divorce settlements or probate.

Valuations are an assessment of the market value of the vessel at that point in time based on the type and condition of your yacht and a willing buyer and seller. The assessment includes a brief inspection of the vessel to assess the general condition. An exercise then follows where it is compared to other vessels in similar condition and locations and a monitory value that could be achieved is then defined.

We Will Sell Your Yacht!

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