Yacht registration for non EU member

With the establishment of an an English Limited a non-EU boatowner can make yachtregistration in the Netherlands possible. We can set up the English Limited for you, including an English mandatory residential address and authority fees.

  • There is no yacht survey needed and The Netherlands do not have additional yearly yacht taxes like you have for example with the Belgium, France, Spain, etc. registrations.

  • After establishment Limited the registration will be ready in maximum 5 working days.

  • If you need the registration document urgently we can offer you an “Urgent Procedure” at extra costs. It will be ready in just 1 working day!
  • For MMSI, ATIS, radar and Call Sign we offer the mandatory Radio License Package (Ship Station License) which will be delivered to you in only 24 hours (working days)
  • We can deliver this mandatory Dutch MMSI Radio License to foreign clients with Dutch yacht registrations and who have a yacht located outside the Netherlands

  • For all yachts which sail around the world we offer the Worldwide Registration.

Registration includes:

  • International Dutch registration of your yacht
  • Registration of your yacht in the Dutch Kadaster (Ships Registry)
  • Issue of Dutch Certificate or Registry (“zeebrief”)
  • Issue of a Dutch tonnage certificate (“meetbrief”) for ships up to 24 metres (For ships longer than 24 metres, the yacht owner must submit a tonnage certificate himself.)
  • Allocation of an international Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI) number
  • Application of invisible microdots onto the yacht – in the event of theft, microdots ensure that the yacht can be immediately identified and linked to the owner worldwide.
  • This type of registration is mainly used for the more “expensive” yachts but is available for any yacht. Also this registration is available for NON European clients in combination with a English Limited.

This type of registration requires a survey of the yacht and which is not included in the price! If the yacht is over 24 meter the owner has to send us his own certified Dutch Lloyds / Rina (etc.) tonnage certificat.

The Worldwide Registration can also be used for non (paid) crewed charter yachts.