Charter management

Thinking about Boat investment?

Many people are eager to buy a boat. They see a sailing boat as their escape into freedom, as a reward before retirement, it symbolizes the thrill of the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when mastering a new skill.

For others, it may be a chance to relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of the sea. Whatever the reason, a sailing boat can be a source of pride, joy, and inspiration for many people. Buying a sailing boat can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s also a big investment, so make sure to do your research and ask lots of questions. With the right combination of wit and wisdom, you can find the perfect vessel to take you to the horizon.

Investing in a sailboat and putting it into a charter business is a great way to generate a steady income.

Not only will you be able to rent out your boat for sailing trips, but you can use the boat for personal use and make memories with family and friends. Be sure to consider your budget, the size of the boat, and the type of sailing you plan on doing. With the right preparation and knowledge, you can sail off into the sunset with confidence!

There’s nothing quite like sailing your own boat in Croatian stunning waters. This experience is only enhanced when your boat operates as a charter boat outside your use and earns you money. Through our sister-company Sail Club Croatia, we offer a professional approach to charter management of your yacht.

Sail Club Croatia understands the pride of ownership and goes to great lengths to ensure that owners enjoy their yachts as much as possible (personally as well as financially). The Sail Club Croatia yacht management program is simple and straightforward — They keep your yacht busy when you’re not using it and you will earn money.

Their program makes it easy to keep track of your income and expenses with detailed summaries of your boat’s charter activities in the form of:

  • STATEMENTS AND PAYMENTS —> Sent to you monthly that details the revenue generated and expenses incurred. Owners receive a check monthly for charter revenue that exceeds costs.
  • MAINTENANCE RECORDS —> Sent to the owners with the monthly statements. All repairs are approved by the owner ahead of time.

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